Things that the 90s kid would relate to!

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    Ah, the 90s was divine! If there is a generation who has lived the most reverent, exciting and outspoken life, then it has to be the ones who were born in the 90s. Watching gloriously the technology take the ride and swiftly march into the current era, the kids born in the 90s have been a part of the change which was so magnificent and vast that they have transformed to be best. From the old earthy things to the new technological touches, this generation knows what it took to take the tour and make it to today. And hence every 90s kid is special. Get the most collection of 90’s products for kids in Pre Black Friday sale only at voucherBucket, and for these 90s kids, we have brought some little things that they would relate to and celebrate their moments in a minute!

    1. Walkman – the 90s i-pod

    Back then music was about owning a walkman which a privilege on its own. The click of the buttons, the sound of the reel rolling and the batteries running out every time – 90s was the time when music came in limits and yet was loved to bits.

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    1. Games devoid of electricity

    The 90s was the time when the kids need not have electricity, chargers, mouse of the joystick to play their games. It was all about arranging little things around the house or owning water ring toss to push buttons and play games till you drop.

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    1. Movie binging night was cassettes away

    In the 90s watching a movie took a few bucks to get the VHS tapes on rent and play the latest movie that came months after it got released. Stacking up the tapes and playing them one last time before returning was a joy achieved.

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    1. The 90s weapons

    Of course, technology had started loading slowly and biggest change to childhood came with the introduction of the cheap video games that could be stored in cassettes and when connected to TV would be a world of our own. From limited games and field, the video game proved to be the biggest change we had ever seen. From 1D display in the games, the excitement of moving the characters around definitely was a magic!


    1. Sour candies anyone

    The favourite revenge weapon of the 90s kid is unbeatable even today. The sour candies were a huge hit to fool the friends or teach someone a lesson. It prevailed so much that we believed in saving them for times of need.

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    1. Books – the real friend!

    Soon before technology hit our lives, it was only the books which served as the medium of knowledge, information, and wisdom. Reading books, sleeping with them and smelling of them made so much sense that we hadn’t known that someday these would lie neglected in shelves while we swiped the pages of their technological avatars.


    1. Flashes which changed colours

    Taking the sale flashlight and aiming at the street, night lamps and even the walls were definitely the favourite pastime. No fancy gadgets here, please!


    1. Briefcase of colours

    Call it silly but back then all that mattered was owing to a discount briefcase of colours and taking it to the class on the day of arts period. The real pride seeped in when friends eyed on them and wanted to be like us!


    1. Messages

    The messages of the 90s kid weren’t sent in a second but prepared for long and sent through hands until the voucher reached the reader. With paper folding, little scribbles, pencil writings and drawings the messages were full of life.


    1. The computer era

    Remember the start button? The first window screen? The window wallpapers? The magic of turning that new box on and not knowing what to do – well the computer was the greatest wisdom provided to the 90s kid to make them march towards the time that we live today and enjoy each moment vividly remembering how it all began.

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    While the joys of the 90s kids are incomparable and cannot be summed up in just a few offers, these little moments of joy definitely sum up the story of a kid through their years of schooling and of tiny mischievous they did alongside. 90s kids are definitely the most blessed and enthusiastic generation as they lived two eras and seen them collide in the best fashion.




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